Director Reel 

A Harlem Love Story
Freddie Crawford Sr. is a former NBA player who has dedicated his life to philanthropy work. Even while playing in the NBA beginning in the 1960's, he has always found a way to connect with the people in Harlem of all ages which has led to him becoming such a prominent figure in the community.
Directed & Edited By: Kevin Carter (IG:
Executive Producer: Naja Crawford (IG: @najablu)
Director of Photography: Kenny Huynh (IG: @chateau.moses)
Shed So Many Tears
[Short Film]
“Would you rather be at war with yourself and at peace with the world? Or at peace with yourself and at war with the world?” - Nipsey Hussle

Shed So Many Tears is the first episode of the Introspection series that addresses grief. Grief is a huge shared experience in communities of color, yet we rarely address ways to cope. The experience of the loss of a family member or friend by the age of 25 in the Black community is far more than any other ethnic group on average. The trauma associated with this statistic is damaging to the mental and physical health of Black people. To continue on the path toward healing, we must find outlets to channel these emotions as we cope with the reminders of our loss.
Directed & Edited By: Kevin Carter (IG:
In Living Color(ed), 2021
73" x 175"
Artist Julian Gaines is interviewed about his latest painting, which honors the memory of Michael Stewart and sheds light on the repeated cycle of oppression faced by African Americans. Gaines speaks to the impact of Stewart's story and why he felt compelled to honor him through his art.​​​​​​​

Karen(s), 2020
30" x 40", Acrylic, house paint on canvas
Interview with artist Julian Gaines for the cover of New York Magazine cover (Dec. 2020)

Is It Too Late For New Ideas?
Julian Gaines created a unique MJ flag using box paper from the Union AJ 4, paying homage to Michael Jordan's first game of the '89/'90 season with Phil Jackson and the debut of the Bred 4's at the '89 All-Star game. The flag also features clips from iconic plays that MJ had while wearing the AJ4, highlighting the significance of this shoe in Jordan's career. The project challenges the notion that it is ever too late for new ideas by reimagining a classic sneaker in a creative way.
Yogalittle x Jordan Brand
Yogalittle and Jordan Brand partnered to create an immersive wellness event called 'Growchella' on 'Banned Day' to educate children about Emotional Intelligence. The event provided each child with a pair of Air Jordan 1's and was designed to be a fun and engaging way to teach young people about the importance of emotional well-being.
The Footprint
In a four-part series, I captured behind-the-scenes footage for eBay Sneakers 'The Footprint' segment featuring Dapper Dan as they retraced the steps of black sneaker history. The series offers a unique perspective on the impact and contributions of black individuals in sneaker culture, specifically highlighting the influence of Dapper Dan. 
Aēsop Summer Solstice
Aēsop hosted a summer solstice event to honor their employees, and I had the opportunity to capture the essence of the individuals and showcase the company's commitment to excellence. The event took place in a restaurant space that embodied the wabi-sabi aesthetic that Aēsop is known for, providing a beautiful backdrop for the celebration. 

B L A C K  
    Black is often times represented with negativity in society. B L A C K was created to showcase what being  has been able to accomplish and what it truly stands for in the world. As we continue the daily fight against the oppression of African Americans, don't you forget for one second that BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL! ✊🏾

Unpublished Media
Created a 3D cube to use as a creative way to use as branding for the company at the end of content being viewed.
Unpublished Media
Part of a social media campaign launch for the brand to debut the new platform.
Black is Beautiful 
Black Is Beautiful the docu-series was created during the peak of the 2020 racial justice movement after the global impact of the murder of George Floyd. This was the first time the world stopped and acknowledged the realities of police brutality specifically against the Black community. We were able to document some of the largest protests in the Los Angeles area. Each episode is created to shed light on some of the main societal issues that have plagued the Black community for far too long. As we unpack each topic, you will see how it led to the very moments we were able to capture during that time.
2020 Los Angeles Protest
2020 was the year that everyone believed there would be change for the better in their own lives. What they didn't expect was how the change was going to alter their perception of the World moving forward. Right before the pandemic officially hit the nation, the world saw a policeman murder George Floyd by kneeling on the back of his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. The unjust killing of an African American male due to police brutality is the norm in America, but this time the world became fed up. 

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